Sigmar Gabriel appreciates the initiative “Eliminate the fear” by Manuela Engel-Dahan

Founder and role model entrepreneur from the MINT sector wants to inspire courage

Langenselbold. (Bad Orb). On the occasion of the New Year reception of the Social Democrats (SPD) Main-Kinzig, Sigmar Gabriel, former party chairman, Minister of Economic Affairs and Foreign Minister, was guest speaker on the stage at the beginning of February 2019. The Klosterberghalle was filled to capacity. In a passionate speech Gabriel reviewed the year and the events. On the subject of Europe, he impressively pointed out the achievements to date and the responsibility and leading role that Germany has played so far. He urged that Europe should not fall behind in the competition between China and the US. He also commented on the topics of digitalization, Brexit and the possible effects.

Eliminate the fear!

With all the big political issues it was probably a matter close to his heart to emphasize that not everything can be said to be bad. Encouraging, that's the mission of the day. So in the middle of his speech he held up the MUT-mach-Karte (Encouragement Card) of the first Hessian MUT-mach-SALON. “Eliminate the fear", he read aloud and praised the initiative of Manuela Engel-Dahan. An entrepreneur from the Main-Kinzig district, who intrinsically launched an initiative on her own to interest people, especially women, in entrepreneurship. In 2014, he appointed Engel-Dahan, along with other committed female entrepreneurs, as a role model entrepreneur in Berlin in order to make women more visible in business. He gave them the mandate to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs. Engel-Dahan took on this task. With her Form Your World initiative, Engel-Dahan aims to highlight the promotion and cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit, human corporate culture and professional fulfillment.

14 March 2019 in Bad Orb

The next MUT-mach-SALON - Eliminate the fear! will take place on 14 March 2019 on the premises of Lock Your World in Bad Orb. The evening motto "At the summit, the air becomes thinner - the beauty of the hurdle and the joy of overcoming it" is how she will enter into dialog with interested parties. She talks bluntly about her life as an entrepreneur and the challenges she faces as a career changer in establishing an exceptional locking system for securing critical infrastructure in the market. She talks about her fears and her personal recipes. In her more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, she has received numerous awards for her achievements.

Remarkable career change

She calls her company Lock Your World with its own pylocx locking system her "masterpiece". It has been used for years in the area of access and admission control for critical infrastructures. A new segment is security containers, among other things, for implementing the secure supply chain in smart metering. “I have had many fears to overcome in my entrepreneurial career. Without the support of benevolent people I met, I would not have succeeded." She wants to actively pass on her experiences and make a contribution to society. “We have such a great potential in our country, especially in our emerging generation. I want to actively support as much as I can," says Engel-Dahan.