The maintenance-free locking system for
critical infrastructure (KRITIS)

  • Digitalised authorisation procedure
  • No online attacks
  • Maintenance-free physical security

Lock Your World

Solution made simple.

»pylocx« puts the focus on you. You decide when you or an appointee frequent the site.
  • No more battery changes!
  • No longer keep maintenance circles in mind!
  • No updates at the lock in case of user or personnel changes!
  • No longer give out keys and lock details in the morning!
  • No more troublesome re-collecting in the evening!
  • No more worries about key loss or abuse!

The »pyKey« makes this possible. You can open every lock with it, and administrate electronic systems with an opening code. At the same time, it provides the required power for the system. For this, it uses both static as well as one-time valid codes. They can either be called up from wherever you are or automatically transferred via digitalised processes.  No internet access to »pyKey«-components is required - they are standalone, offline and not powered by electricity.

The »pylocx«-locking system

A locking system must be trouble free for authorised users, yet insurmountable for anyone unauthorised.

»pylocx« allows you to administrate your access authorisations, secure your goods, containers and properties and to operate systems and automatic units. Handling it is simple and intuitive. The systems are maintenance-free and work without external power supply.

»pylocx« is a registered trademark and based on the patented technology by Lock Your World.  



Unique features

High security
Digitalised code requests for standalone lockings

Issue place-bound authorisations or safely request them. 

No external power supply and maintenance-free

You want to remodel processes? You need new ideas? Perhaps the process cost optimiser can help you. Have a look, non-committally and free.
We love our job!

Let us together remodel security processes from scratch

so that we can all sleep sound!




Qualified, comprehensible and as quickly as possibly: we offer support on the phone and by e-mail. Our support experts are looking forward to helping you.


Satisfied »pylocx« customers

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