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pylocx profile cylinder-locking system

The maintenance-free gatekeeper for every door

pylocx components and systems

pylocx profile cylinder-locking system

Consists of an electronic knob set w/ Euro-profile cylinder. The outside knob is retractable and provides high vandalism protection. Like all pylocx systems, it is operated via the pyKey.

Suitable for all doors w/ common Euro-profile cylinders, both in high security areas as well as in private frontdoors. Besides the customary profile cylinder measurements (for table see Download), special measurements can be provided on request.

Application in high security areas

  • Retractable outside knob
  • High protection against vandalism
  • No more battery changes (pyKey supplies the power)
  • Operational reliability from -40°C up to +65°C
  • For fire doors up to T90
  • IP65
  • Absolutely tamper-proof
  • Order-related, automatic one-time code procedure can also be requested.

Application in private households

  • No PC, no synchronisation
  • Simply change PIN-code via pyKey
  • Sleep sound, even in case of pyKey loss
  • Tamper-proof
  • Safely deposit spare pyKey or reorder replacement per express service  
  • No more battery changes (pyKey supplies the power)
  • One-time code procedure via live-service reservable (during vacation or for care attendants)

Easy opening with magnetic force

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pylocx profile cylinder-locking system

Stylish and solid

Product number:

PL6000 Profile cylinder-locking system

  • Set: PL6011 electronic inside and outside knob and PL602x Euro-profile cylinder
  • Alternative installation for fittings with slot
  • Easy handling
  • Consulting and installation service all throughout Germany
  • Recommended by CID prevention departments

Your personal gatekeeper
Automatically send one-time valid opening codes via the pylocx private live App. This allows ad hoc access for your service providers, care attendants or just your neighbour. Controlled and usable from everywhere worldwide.