Sleep safe and sound

with the right locking system

Anti-burglary and theft protection

Would you like to protect your private home?

Are you looking for better security for your private home?

Would you like to keep safe some mechanical keys?

Would you like to secure valuables or USB sticks from access?

Are you interested in an invisible safe?

My PIN, your PIN, or a one-time code for others.

You can secure your private home with a system which is also used by banks. A PIN-code protected mobile keypad makes this possible.
Whatever your motivation is: an electronic door lock, a safe for valuables and the keys for your weapon cabinet? The right system can fulfil your demands for anti-burglary and theft protection. Keep secure what is valuable to you and sleep safe and sound.

pylocx is the solution

Easy handling

Mobile keypad with PIN-code protection (pyKey)

Usable everywhere, operational up to -40°C

3.000 logs in the lock

Maintenance-free locks without battery: all the way from the profile cylinder to the invisible safe

  • Immediate use – no computer required
  • PIN-code changes within seconds
  • Secure access also for third parties
  • No abuse in case of losing the pyKey
  • No keyholes or any other apertures
  • A comfort-security solution for

Welche Vorteile pylocx für den Einsatz in Privathaushalten bietet, erklärt Manuela Engel-Dahan, Geschäftsführerin von Lock Your World®.

This is pylocx

pylocx pylocx is a maintenance-free locking system with a digitalised authorisation procedure. It is operated via a mobile, PIN-code protected keypad - the pyKey.
Authorisation codes are generated order-related from a central databank. An additional dual control-principle can be selected. Illegal access from the internet is impossible as the locking components are electroless and offline.
The power needed for them is provided by pyKey while it is attached to an external contact point. As an option, a smartphone can be used as operational device (NFC-technology).

The pyKey:
mobile keypad, opens w/ PIN code and supplies power at the same time.

pyKey back side:
three golden pins, patented three-pole contact interface transfers power and data into the system, no radio, no RFID.

The contact point:
outside, magnetic, the pyKey adheres to it.

A client says:
The only thing I don’t like about pylocx is that we didn’t invent it.
Development Manager for one of the global players in electronic security technology