»pylocx« answers

A locking system needs to be uncomplicated for the authorised and insurmountable for the non-authorised.
for lift sector
Time saving in case of release from elevator via certified, electronic tubular safe-solution, particularly when coordinating with external service providers.
for banking sector
Flexible use by cash-in-transit companies, e.g. for ATMs or deposit devices w/ high-security one-time code procedure; etrofittable; high security against manipulation.
homeland security
for public authorities & military
Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for outdoor use under extreme weather conditions w/o external power supply or data connection.
for energy suppliers
Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for outdoor areas (critical infrastructure) w/o external power supply or data connection.
commerce and service stations
High-security and cost-reduced key management for access areas, warehouses, register machines or safes in cash offices.
for industrial and production companies
Consistent locking and authorisation system for accesses, warehouses, product containers, incl. control of machines and vehicles.
for logistics sector
Guarantees end-to-end security in transportation chain for mobile containers, pallet packaging or vehicles w/ central opening control and approval for Air Cargo transport.
for care and medical treatment
Accelerated and controlled access system for varying service providers, care and ambulance personnel w/ central headquarters for operation control.
for telecommunications
Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for critical infrastructures w/o external power supply for optimal coordination of external service providers.
for security firm and facility management
Cost reduce due to simplified key management w/ certified electronic tubular safe-system in order to dispense with costly key transports.
for private households
Bank security for your home with the first electronic knob cylinder w/ retractable outside knob and approval for fire doors.