pylocx components and systems

pylocx tube safe/ pylocx key safe

Multifunctional - resists also extreme temperatures

pylocx components and systems

pylocx tube safe/ pylocx key safe

No more searching for keys or transporting them around. This organisational talent incl. protection against vandalism and high security procedure keeps your keys exactly where they are needed.

The electronic pylocx tube safe, consisting of a metal cylinder and an electronic slide-in module, is vandalism-proof and weather-resistant. A retrofit version for existing mechanical systems is also available. Removals can be monitored via reed contact. 

  • No apertures
  • Stainless steel front
  • No radio, no RFID used
  • Functional reliability under extreme weather conditions
  • Keeps keys of all kinds safe

e.g. access keys, fence system keys, safe keys, weapon cabinet keys. Our recommendation for your home and office.


The "invisible" safe

Almost like a magic hood the magnetic cover turns the pylocx tube safe into an "invisible" safe. Instead of keys, you can also safely deposit bank notes, USB sticks, medication or other valuables.  For more information, also see "pylocx furniture safe/ invisible safe".

The individual tube safe components

pylocx Slide-in module

The tube safe's electronic locking element

Product number:

PL4011SB Slide-in module

  • Operational reliability from -40°C up to +65°C
  • Vandalism-proof
  • Read out 1.000 logs
  • Powered and opened via pyKey/ pyKey NFC smart
  • pyKey serves as a handle to pull out the metal cylinder

pylocx Metal cylinder

Installed in walls (tap hole) or metal columns, it serves as the casing for the tube safe.

Product number:

PL4012x Metal cylinder

  • Sealed with electronic slide-in module
  • Hard-anodised aluminium w/ all round notch for perfect adhesion
  • Measurements: outside-ø 69,5 mm, inside-ø 61,6 mm
  • PL4012 length 185 mm
  • PL4012a length 255 mm
  • PL4012b length 275 mm
  • PL4012R length 185 mm, w/ reed contact (for PL4019 key cup)

If reed contact is used, the tap hole aperture depth needs to be extended 50 mm. For all details, see the Installation Manual.

pylocx Adhesive Kit for tube safe

Two-component adhesive proved in constructional steelwork.

Product number:

PL4013 Adhesive set

  • TAH-cartridge incl. mixer
  • bottle of 100 ml Körasolv PU
  • 1 Miron abrasive fabric

pylocx Mounting bracket w/ cover for metal cylinder

For installation in stainless steel columns or fitting in cabinets

Product number:

PL4016 Mounting bracket w/ cover for metal cylinder

  • Stainless steel
  • Inside screwing

pylocx Key cup

Facilitates removal and protects keys against dampness

Product number:

PL4019 Key cup

  • Plastic container w/ integrated magnet at the bottom
  • Attachable to slide-in module PL4011SB
  • Maximum key length 75 mm
  • Designed for metal cylinder PL4012

pylocx Retrofit Module Mini safe

Double-quick retrofit to electronic system

Product number:

PL4021SB Retrofit module Mini safe

  • For model 176 IKON
  • Tested functional reliability from -40°C up to 65°C
  • 3.000 logs in the lock
  • Powered and opened via pyKey/ pyKey NFC smart
  • pyKey serves to pull out the module

Different manufacturer models and measurements on request.