No longer any sets of keys

with the right locking system

Alarm system control

Would you like to get rid of your set of keys?

Would you like to dispose of extra keys for your alarm system?

Needed keys can sometimes not be found?

Are key losses a risk for you?

Can key owners activate/ deactivate without logging?

Would you like to give out ad-hoc authorisations without dispensing with security processes?

Secure activation.
“Activating the alarm system” means activating or deactivating access control. Activating is done, e.g., via an additional lock in the door, which is operated with another locking device (key, transponder, chip, card).
In order to avoid false alarms and guarantee correct locking processes, technical security functions need to be installed. Opening the door must only be possible when the alarm system is deactivated. In reverse, the alarm system must only be activated when all doors and windows are closed. It is a huge benefit when all this can be handled with only one operating device.

pylocx is the solution

Only one consistent locking system

One-key solution: for alarm system or fence

Mobile keypad minimises risk and insurance rates

Digitalised and BSI-certified one-time code concept under central control

  • Less keys – less effort
  • No risk of lost keys
  • Reduction of insurance rates
  • Logged activation and deactivation
  • No internet access as the lock is always offline

Harmonisieren Sie Ihr Zugangssystem und nutzen Sie nur noch ein Medium: den pyKey. Manuela Engel-Dahan, Geschäftsführerin von Lock Your World®, erläutert die Vorteile.

This is pylocx

pylocx pylocx is a maintenance-free locking system with a digitalised authorisation procedure. It is operated via a mobile, PIN-code protected keypad - the pyKey.
Authorisation codes are generated order-related from a central databank. An additional dual control-principle can be selected. Illegal access from the internet is impossible as the locking components are electroless and offline.
The power needed for them is provided by pyKey while it is attached to an external contact point. As an option, a smartphone can be used as operational device (NFC-technology).

The pyKey:
mobile keypad, opens w/ PIN code and supplies power at the same time.

pyKey back side:
three golden pins, patented three-pole contact interface transfers power and data into the system, no radio, no RFID.

The contact point:
outside, magnetic, the pyKey adheres to it.

A client says:
DB Systel is using the pylocx electronic key safes for some years. They are opened via a mobile keypad (pyKey). Using the pylocx technology for alarm system control now also allows us to activate or deactivate alarm systems via our pyKeys. If we had chosen a conventional alarm system control, we would have needed another locking device in our key management. Yet now, we need only one locking device for all sites equipped with pylocx. This saves us money and time, as we can now work without a set of keys.
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bachner, Security and Fire Safety Management, DB Systel GmbH