Digitalised and scheduled processes

Digitalised and scheduled processes

Secure transport chains

Would you like digitalised cargo with transport-related access?

Do you have problems to keep terms and with extra runs?

Would you like to have digitalised processes?

Would you like to better secure transportations?

Would you like to reduce insurance rates?

Do you have issues with costly sealing and security measures?

Smart logistics solutions.
The globalisation of markets and the changed economic processes require intelligent logistics solutions. Customer demands become more and more complex. Developments such as the reduction in the vertical manufacturing range, just-in-time production processes and reduced storing are not without consequences. Cargo partners demand optimised, i.e. most of all digitalised, processes to keep delivery dates and remain competitive. Further, transports should be ecofriendly and secure from criminal accesses.
Web-based, networked systems give the logistics sector more transparency, increase efficiency and allow it to develop new business models.

pylocx is the solution

Media disruption-safe security and locking system

Quicker end-to-end processes

Transport-related opening with Geo Fence

Logged transfer of liability

Digitalised management of accesses

  • Electronic seal with logged opening
  • Only one sealing per transport chain needed
  • Procedure without vouchers
  • Keep service periods, avoid penalty payments
  • Less risk, reduced insurance rates
  • No unauthorised access from the internet
This is pylocx

pylocx pylocx is a maintenance-free locking system with a digitalised authorisation procedure. It is operated via a mobile, PIN-code protected keypad - the pyKey.
Authorisation codes are generated order-related from a central databank. An additional dual control-principle can be selected. Illegal access from the internet is impossible as the locking components are electroless and offline.
The power needed for them is provided by pyKey while it is attached to an external contact point. As an option, a smartphone can be used as operational device (NFC-technology).

The pyKey:
mobile keypad, opens w/ PIN code and supplies power at the same time.

pyKey back side:
three golden pins, patented three-pole contact interface transfers power and data into the system, no radio, no RFID.

The contact point:
outside, magnetic, the pyKey adheres to it.

A client says:
In order to secure their transportation of cargo, our customers so far relied on static authorisation systems with a costly sealing procedure. With our own platform and the integrated pylocx technology in smart transport boxes we can now offer an alternative: a simple and audit-proof control and access system. Now, single transports can be sealed electronically and unlocked controlledly. Tracing is digitalised and centrally administered. This ensures that no unauthorised openings or loss of goods can happen during transportation. This way, we offer an exclusive premium service that meets the increasing demands of our customers during digitalisation and helps our value chain.
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