Electronic security for mobile containers

with the right locking system

File and document security

Would you like to secure fixed and mobile containers?

Do you have to secure sensitive files and documents?

Do they need to be transported?

Do you need integrated logging?

Would you like to avoid transport losses and damages?

Tamper-proof electronic authorisations guarantee security.
Transport or forwarding of sensitive, i.e. confidential, docu¬ments, business documents, business secrets, or records (all of which require special protection) is a top priority security issue. Economic security and binding regulations are more important than ever. Rightly so, considering new and rapid dismission platforms in social networks, internet blogs, video channels or Wikileaks. All of them make economic crime as well as economic and corporate espionage a prevalent problem nowadays.
During transport and forwarding of such high-security files and documents, absolute integrity must be and must remain guaranteed.

pylocx is the solution

No unauthorised access

Logs every locking operation

Order-related acting – no unlocking without an order

Interface to connect existing security systems (GPRS, EMA)

Security transport boxes: available in different sizes and colours

  • Secure transport chain with logged accesses (realtime footprint).
  • Unauthorised access is impossible.
  • Authorised forwarder – authorised receiver: guaranteed.
  • Reduction of insurance rates.
  • Usable worldwide
  • No risk of access from the internet
This is pylocx

pylocx pylocx is a maintenance-free locking system with a digitalised authorisation procedure. It is operated via a mobile, PIN-code protected keypad - the pyKey.
Authorisation codes are generated order-related from a central databank. An additional dual control-principle can be selected. Illegal access from the internet is impossible as the locking components are electroless and offline.
The power needed for them is provided by pyKey while it is attached to an external contact point. As an option, a smartphone can be used as operational device (NFC-technology).

The pyKey:
mobile keypad, opens w/ PIN code and supplies power at the same time.

pyKey back side:
three golden pins, patented three-pole contact interface transfers power and data into the system, no radio, no RFID.

The contact point:
outside, magnetic, the pyKey adheres to it.

A client says:
We, the Frankfurter Sparkasse, have pilot run pylocx for almost a year and have until this day not observed any flaws or negative occurences about Lock Your World.
I am dealing with security issues since almost 25 years and could not yet find any such high security lock on the market.
With pylocx, we are using the currently most secure and flexible access technology, which not only guarantees independence from external service providers, but is also heralding the „emer¬gency solution“ of the future.
Norbert Wayand, Head of Cash Logistics, Frankfurter Sparkasse