Administrate offline locks worldwide online.

pyware, pywareS, pywareU, pyconnect

The pylocx software

All administration of pylocx components and every generation of one-time codes is central. The components only need to be configurated with the databank once, or synchronised. Changes of personnel or add-on of additional pyKeys just need to be registered centrally. Lock components on-site do not need to be frequented. This saves time and money.

The lock components have no physical connection to the databank and remain offline. They are standalone and immune to attacks via the internet.

pyware - the pylocx administration software

The management tool "pyware" is a software to administrate lock authorisations for pylocx lock systems. Also, it registers authorised smartphones for the use of pylocx NFC smart.

  • Generation of one-time codes
  • Generation of one-time codes for dual control
  • Reporting
  • Export tool
  • File generation for configuration files

pywareS - the service tool for decentralised configuration

Allows, e.g., service providers in field to load individual operating parameters into the lock system whereas any unauthorised alterations of the systems are impossible.

  • Secure transfer of configuration files
  • Generation of files only by authorised databank
  • Read-out of lock components after databank authorisation   
  • Confirmation of implementations via automatically provided report files
  • Audit-proof logging

pywareU - the administration tool for databank organisation

Allows the administration of databank structures by setting up a hierarchy with master databank and automatised allocation and removal into/from subordinate, separate databanks.

  • Setup of master databank (mother)
  • Allocation into subordinate databanks at the touch of a button
  • Removal from subordinate databanks at the touch of a button
  • Exact transfer dates (transfer of risk)
  • Audit-proof data transfer
  • Ideal for control of service providers
  • For corporate solutions or branch systems

pyware anywhere - Hosting a virtualised databank

Virtualisation on a platform in order to realise a "private cloud" with full cloud functionality. At the basis of all communication are encoding standards subject to highest security requirements. 

  • Sets up a virtual workplace
  • Can be operated via mobile devices
  • Can be used flexibly and location-independent
  • Optimises the approval processes
  • Effect: lower costs for the overall process 

pyconnect - the interface for automatised one-time code generation

An automatised interface to integrate individual order and ticket systems into the "pyware"-databank. Optionally, it includes a voice-controlled system to receive the one-time codes via a phone or a terminal w/ web browser. In addition, individual applications can be managed. At the basis of all communication are encoding standards subject to highest security requirements. 

  • Receive one-time codes via phone
  • Receive one-time codes via a terminal w/ web browser
  • Receive one-time codes via your own applications