Guarantee of maximum availability

with the right locking system

More Security your ATMs and safes

Do you require maximum availability and transparent transfers of liability?

Do you have problems with liability issues?

Intervention runs: Do you have to keep ready extra personnel?

Do you have to keep ready extra vehicles?

Is your key management costly/time-consuming?

Are you upset about key losses?

Around-the-clock functionality must be guaranteed.
Many customers appreciate the easy handling of self-service devices, but also their availability around-the-clock seven days a week. In order to meet these demands, stand stills and downtimes must be reduced to a minimum. This is only possible if services or maintenance at the devices can be done flexibly and quickly without any procedural complications. And that even if the service provider is absent or has been changed. A service device should always be ready and functional.

pylocx is the solution

Flexible employment of staff

Optimised utilization of vehicles

Logged transfer of liability

Less keys – less expenses

  • Change of routes possible anytime
  • Keep service periods
  • Less risks, reduced insurance rates
  • Only one locking device
  • In case of strike, insolvency, cancellation:
  • independence from service providers

Mit pylocx kann hohe Verfügbarkeit gewährleistet werden. Warum das so ist erklärt Manuela Engel-Dahan, Geschäftsführerin von Lock Your World®.

This is pylocx

pylocx pylocx is a maintenance-free locking system with a digitalised authorisation procedure. It is operated via a mobile, PIN-code protected keypad - the pyKey.
Authorisation codes are generated order-related from a central databank. An additional dual control-principle can be selected. Illegal access from the internet is impossible as the locking components are electroless and offline.
The power needed for them is provided by pyKey while it is attached to an external contact point. As an option, a smartphone can be used as operational device (NFC-technology).

The pyKey:
mobile keypad, opens w/ PIN code and supplies power at the same time.

pyKey back side:
three golden pins, patented three-pole contact interface transfers power and data into the system, no radio, no RFID.

The contact point:
outside, magnetic, the pyKey adheres to it.

A client says:
With the pylocx Security-Add-On by Lock Your World we could upgrade our self-service devices within short time, without having to exchange the existing lock. This concept saved us considerable costs and allows us to precisely log every opening of locks.
Dr. Markus Keck, Dept. Private Customers, PM Payments and Deposits, Commerzbank AG