pylocx components and systems

pykey, accessories and contact points

Open and simultaneously power every lock with the right code

pylocx components and systems

pykey, accessories and contact points

The pykey is the pylocx locking device. After entering the opening code, it not only transfers the necessary opening signals but also powers the system. It is simply attached to the pylocx contact point. Lock components remain offline and immune to attacks from the internet.


Personalise it, hand it over to the user and you are ready!

Eliminates key management.

Product number:

PL1011 pyKey

  • Mobile keypad w/ battery for up to 1.000 openings
  • Transfers data and power upon contact
  • Functional only with valid authorisation code
  • Unlimited number of locks and systems
  • Abuse protection in case of key loss from the very first second

Used to operate all pylocx components in unlimited number
Operational also w/ static code

pyKey Charging cable set

Recharge the pyKey like a smartphone, in the car, at your laptop or at home.

Product number:

PL1011-Z-KS Charging cable set, article may differ from the picture

  • Three-part, recharges pyKey
  • USB-charging cable and -power adapter, USB vehicle charger
  • Input voltage at power adapter: 100-240 V AC
  • Input voltage at vehicle charger: 12-24 V AC
        (Dt: LFZ>KFZ Lader)
  • Output: DC 5V/ 1.100 mA

pylocx Emergency charger

The pyKey's "turbo charger" to supply backup power for control modules w/ 220 V and 48 V.

Product number:

PL1012 Emergency charger

  • Resembles the pyKey w/o the keypad
  • w/ three notches for the pyKey pins at the bottom
  • pyKey is attached "piggy-pack"
  • Emergency charger for control module w/ external power supply 48-220 V

Control modules 48 V and 220 V require external power supply. In case of a blackout, they can be opened with the pyKey after the emergency charger is attached prior.

pyKey NFC smart

You do not have to enter a code. The valid code is sent per NFC from an authorised smartphone.

Product number:

PL1021 pyKey NFC smart

  • Mobile keypad w/ battery for up to 1.000 openings
  • Receives NFC-signals from smartphone and transfers data and power like a pyKey
  • All pyKey functionalities (incl. direct entry)
  • Functional only w/ valid authorisation code
  • Unlimited number of locks and systems

Designed for the use w/ smartphone and app in order to save even more time. As code entries/ possible misentries are no longer part of the procedure, the opening process is accelerated.

pylocx Contact point

The pyKey magnetically attaches to the contact point which transfers the received data and power.

Product number:

PL203xx Contact point *
*Diverse installation versions and cable lengths available

  • Vandalism-proof stainless steel cover
  • No apertures
  • No radio, no RFID used
  • Encoded data transfer upon contact w/ pyKey
  • Copy and tamper protection

Depending on wall or door thickness, threaded rods are available in different diameters and lengths. Also, different cable lengths are available. The exact product number refers to these measurements.

pylocx Contact point NFC smart

Simply open w/ smartphone, it receives NFC signals.

Product number:

PL2131 Contact point NFC smart w/ LED ring

  • Solid stainless steel cover w/ NFC core
  • No apertures or hints at a lock
  • Encoded data transfer via authorised smartphone
  • Absolute copy and tamper protection

The contact point NFC smart is designed for accesses or applications which operate under lesser security requirements. An on-site power supply is required for the NFC receiver inside the contact point to receive data. The transferred authorisation codes also include secure one-time codes, which hold identifiable data from the transfer device and SIM card. In case of power blackout on-site, a pyKey w/ contact point can be used.