• High-security for Commerce & Service Stations

    A one-key solution for flexible deploy of own and external staff, for safeguarding of all areas ranging from delivery over the stores to cash processing.

    Simply done with pxlocx.

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  • Private Households.

    Protect your house door with a lock, which is also used in banks and ministries. Do no longer worry about batteries in the locks and retrieve one-time codes on demand.

    Simply done with pylocx.

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  • High-security for Telecommunications

    Guaranteed electronic location safeguarding at all radio stations w/o electronic power supply. Generate locking authorizations also ad hoc under high-security standards.

    Simply done with pylocx.

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  • High-security for Banking sector

    Secure the availability of ATMs even in case of strike and upgrade existing security systems with a patented one-time code procedure.

    Simply done with pylocx.

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Security made simple.

A small, mobile keypad with PIN-code protection marks a revolution for security systems. This keypad allows to realize cohesive locking processes both in- and outdoors under high security standards. Besides the increase in security, key management processes can be considerably minimized. Investment costs are amortized within a few months. Risks are minimized during application. Even in case of loss of the keypad, any abuse is impossible from the very first moment. This relieves users of a great burden of responsibility and lets everyone involved sleep well and sound. Many thousands of customers have been successfully using the system for years.

the »pylocx« locking system

A locking system must be easily accessible for the authorized, yet inaccessible for the unauthorized.

pylocx allows you to secure your products and properties. It is easy to handle and maintenance-free, as there are no batteries in locking and control modules. Functionality is guaranteed without external power supply. Please check "General Product Information" and you will find all you need to know about our different products. We can adjust to individual demands in the diverse range of branch solutions we offer.

Are you interested in a live-test? You can see all products in our exhibition centre in Bad Orb. Test them yourself! We can also present our products to you personally and non-committally. We are looking forward to you contacting us.

Nie mehr Batterien tauschen.
Der Nutzer «bringt den Strom mit».

Mobile Tastatur.
Selbst bei Verlust nicht zu missbrauchen.
Hochsicher durch Einmal-Code-Verfahren.

Von außen kein Hinweis auf ein Schloss.
Vandalismus-geschützt für In- und Outdoor.

»pylocx« Solutions

Ein Schließsystem muss hürdenlos für den Berechtigten und unüberwindbar für den Unberechtigten sein.



Lift sector: Time saving in case of release from elevator via certified, electronic tubular safe-solution, particularly when coordinating with external service providers



Banking sector: Flexible use by cash-in-transit companies, e.g. for ATMs or deposit devices w/ high-security one-time code procedure; retrofittable; high security against manipulation


homeland security

Public authorities & Military: Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for outdoor use under extreme weather conditions w/o external power supply or data connection



Energy suppliers: Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for outdoor areas (critical infrastructure) w/o external power supply or data connection



Commerce and Service Stations: High-security and cost-reduced key management for access areas, warehouses, register machines or safes in cash offices



Industrial and Production Companies: Consistent locking and authorisation system for accesses, warehouses, product containers, incl. control of machines and vehicles



Logistics Sector: Guarantees end-to-end security in transportation chain for mobile containers, pallet packaging or vehicles w/ central opening control and approval for Air Cargo transport



Care and Medical Treatment: Accelerated and controlled access system for varying service providers, care and ambulance personnel w/ central headquarters for operation control



Telecommunications: Vandalism-proof, high-security access systems for critical infrastructures w/o external power supply for optimal coordination of external service providers



Security firm and Facility Management: Cost reduce due to simplified key management w/ certified electronic tubular safe-system in order to dispense with costly key transports



Private Households: Bank security for your home with the first electronic knob cylinder w/ retractable outside knob and approval for fire doors



Satisfied customers say

  • We provide special vehicles for our customers, individual and turn-key. Our philosophy is the combination of progress and tradition. To ensure progress, we were the first vehicle manufacturers to include the pylocx system in our products range. Cash-in-transit-companies profit from this complete concept by using pylocx.

    Robert Frischbier, Marketing national/ international, Apprich Secur GmbH
  • From our point of view, the battery- and maintenance-free locking system is an ideal solution for us to reposit local keys for our properties by using electronic tube safes. Removals of object keys by our staff or service providers are logged. They can do their job on-site without having to travel to a central key administration site. This saves us time and the reduce of driving kilometers is, in addition, environmental-friendly.

    Mag. Michael Valentin, CEO, BWSG Wohnen und Bauen Gesellschaft GmbH Wien
  • Currently, pylocx is the most secure and flexible access technology. It not only ensures independence from external service providers but also is the "emergency solution" to come.

    Norbert Wayand, Head of Cash Logistics, Frankfurter Sparkasse
  • The pylocx Security Add-on allowed us to upgrade our SB devices in no time without having to exchange the installed locks. This procedure saved us a considerable amount of costs and allows us to document each lock opening.

    Dr. Markus Keck - Dir., Commerzbank AG
  • Reinhold Schalwat, Deputy Head of Communication Technologies, System Technologies: “Thanks to your key depot we no longer have problems with vandalism.” Reinhold Schalwat, Deputy Head Communication Technologies, System Technologies: “Thanks to your key depot we no longer have problems with vandalism. Frequently, matches or chewing gum would block our key depot’s lock cylinders so that access to our objects was problematic. Using your key depot has spared us a lot of time and trouble.”

    STEAG Energy Services GmbH
  • Michael Mansfeld, Key Market Manager, Knürr Outdoor Solutions, Emerson Network Power Michael Mansfeld, Key Market Manager, Knürr Outdoor Solutions, Emerson Network Power: "We were looking for a way to secure the fuel cells in our outdoor containers that fulfils at least resistance class 4. Lock Your World's pylocx met these requirements best and features easy installation, intuitive operation and remote administration. We cooperated very constructively and on a high technical level."

    Michael Mansfeld, Key Market Manager, Knürr Outdoor Solutions, Emerson Network Power



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Digitales Schließsystem spart Zeit und Geld


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pylocx - Sicherheit von Lock Your World

pylocx - the maintenance free locking system

pylocx - das wartungsfreie Schließsystem

The pylocx profile cylinder system

Ausgezeichnete Sicherheit

Lock Your World realisiert mit pylocx revolutionäre Lösungen für Anforderungen, die aus den Nöten oder Schwachstellen im Sicherheitsbereich unterschiedlichster Branchen aufgetreten sind. Unübersehbaren Erfolg spiegeln auch die vielen Auszeichnungen und Preise wieder.

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