Nobody can reach it, prototypes safe from spies

Send prototypes protected in rental box from pylocx.

Time is money, even when it comes to shipping prototypes. Sometimes every "minute" counts and also the fact that no unauthorized person sees the components.

The transport or dispatch of sensitive, i.e. confidential and components or documents in need of protection, possibly with trade secrets or certificates, is an important security issue. Economic protection and effective measures more important than ever.

And rightly so, given the rapid distribution platforms on social networks, Internet blogs, video channels and even Wikileaks. White-collar crime and industrial and competitive espionage are currently booming.
For this reason, the absolute integrity of such documents must be and remain guaranteed, especially when such files or documents in need of protection are dispatched and transported.

High security solutions for rent - very conveniently
With pylocx transport containers, Lock Your World offers an intelligently secured system that is currently the only system certified by the BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (German Federal Office for Information Security) for the secure supply chain in smart metering (“SiLKe”). The digital electricity meters, Smart Meter Gateways or SMGW, are transported in these transport containers. The goal was and still is to even withstand intelligent military attacks.

Successful idea: The pallet is simply encased in a housing
The containers can also be conveniently rented from Lock Your World. A protected platform allows one-time codes to be retrieved that are only valid with a personalized keyboard and only for a specific transport box. The lock itself is offline and without power. When the opening code is transmitted, which is only valid once, the lock is also supplied with power. This is unique in the world and therefore patented worldwide. Another interesting feature is the Sky Box, with which Euro pallets can be encases in a housing and opened and closed as securely as a cash dispenser, i.e. using the four-eyes principle. An ingenious invention and made in Hessen!

Ingenious side effect
The pylocx transport system protects the environment because less packaging material is required. That's good for the environment.

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