pylocx Sky Box is a safe storage place and a component of SILKE

Secure supply chain with economic advantage - measuring point operators can dispense with additional security measures. Manipulation and trouble-free process compliance - even in the event of a power failure. Audit-proof authorization procedure completely self-sufficient and digital with analog high-security locks.

Bad Orb. The transport and storage containers of the technology company Lock Your World from Bad Orb provide high security for access and application security and other advantages. In addition to ensuring that no manipulated smart meter gateways can be installed, e.g. in the area of smart metering, the transport process co-developed by gateway manufacturers fulfills another important requirement: It can be integrated into the existing processes of measuring point operators with comparatively little effort. The devices can be transported safely by a forwarding agent. In addition, the measuring point operators do not need to carry out any structural measures on existing warehouses. This means that expensive room monitoring and security systems are obsolete. If the transport and storage boxes are placed where digital components such as digital meters are stored, it is sufficient to lock the door to the warehouse.

Manipulation and trouble-free process compliance - even in the event of a power failure
If the storage door also contains a pylocx lock, the existing "pyKey" operating unit can also be used here. Access with static PIN or highly secure with one-time code procedures, automated and digitized, complete the process. Advantageous and unique: every pylocx lock - including motorized deadbolts - remains de-energized and offline. With his or her personalized pyKey, the user brings along the necessary power for the opening process after authorization. In addition to freedom from maintenance, this also ensures compliance with defined safety requirements. Irrevocable even in the event of a power failure. In view of the power failures that have just occurred millions of times in South America, this is an important argument for using this system. Access areas remain secure and cannot be hacked. Important: a pyKey may remain with the user, previous key management is eliminated. Complex issues and returns of keys no longer exist.

Eliminate security risks
key vagabonds or the expenses when losing keys are a thing of the past. This allows users and operators to sleep peace of mind with certainty. As part of risk management, all security gaps are closed and green hooks are set. Renowned insurers also recommend this. One more reason to take a closer look at the pylocx system. So it is no wonder that secret protection locations throughout Germany have been equipped with this patented system for years.