Security transport providers on strike and ATMs still running

Bank employees simply equip ATMS themselves with a strike-resistant security concept

Empty ATMs in Germany due to strike? Crisis teams are looking for solutions because an ongoing strike by cash-in-transit service providers means that ATMs are empty and therefore at a standstill. Cash will then only be available during the regular opening hours of the bank branches. And this is only the case if the branch still has a cash register. Most of them were dismantled for cost reasons. Neither contemporary nor acceptable, the customers argue.

But why is that?

The lock in the ATM is partially responsible for this fact, as only the service provider knows its locking secret (i.e. code combinations). For example, if the old cash-in-transit company changes, the current service provider must open the ATM for the new one so that it can define its own code combination. In the event of a strike, this means that there is no handover and therefore no possibility of having the ATM filled. The bank has no access to its own ATMs, is absolutely dependent and must hope for an easing of the situation. This cancels out any functioning crisis management system.

Secure ATMs sustainably with pylocx equipment!

There's a solution: Thanks to a unique emergency concept from Lock Your World, the change of service provider can take place at the touch of a button. The solution for an emergency stop concept and crisis management is pylocx, the multiple award-winning and worldwide patented electronic locking and authorization system. With the pylocx locking system installed, the sovereign rights of the ATMs are held solely by the owner, namely the bank. Thanks to the mobile operating unit, called pyKey, and a one-time code authorization procedure, the service provider's access authorization can be withdrawn at any time and the rights transferred to another person. The one-time codes can be retrieved by the service provider from any location. These are user- and location-related and optionally also time-limited. The highlight: the control unit can even be used to power the system and furthermore creates independence from external power supply. pylocx has been used nationwide for years in high-security areas of critical infrastructures and has been in operation in thousands of ATMs for years.
Do you want your machines to run, would you like to know more about availability and risk management (MaRisk)?

More information on securing ATMs is available without obligation at https://www.lockyourworld.com/loesungen/automaten-und-wertbehaeltnisse-geldautomaten.html, on request also reference examples or a checklist for locking systems in ATMs.